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Hotelier beaten to death by sons amidst affair revelation


Hotelier beaten to death by sons amidst affair revelation

Emekeme Joseph, popularly known as Semikolo, the Chairman of Covenant Suites, a hotel chain, and a Deacon of Winner’s Chapel, has tragically passed away.

According to reliable sources, the man fell gravely ill after being assaulted by his two sons.

These sons, who had recently graduated from Covenant University, allegedly discovered their father with a side chick and demanded a bribe of one million naira, threatening to inform their mother, who was on vacation in the United States.

Refusing to succumb to their blackmail, the father called their bluff.

Unfortunately, the sons followed through on their threat and reported the illicit affair to their mother, who was understandably incensed.

The following day, the father visited his wife’s Coca-Cola depot, where he was immediately confronted by his enraged sons and forced to leave the premises.

Insiders report that he returned home in anger and confiscated his sons’ car keys, further exacerbating their fury.

In a fit of rage, they physically attacked their father, unleashing a torrent of blows and kicks upon him.

In desperation, he called the police for assistance, but the situation quickly escalated as the boys even assaulted one of the responding officers, causing serious injury.

The sons were subsequently arrested, while the father was rushed to the hospital.

However, his condition rapidly deteriorated, prompting a transfer to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), where he fought for his life.

Alarmed by her husband’s critical state, the wife promptly flew back to the country and managed to secure the release of her sons from police custody.

In a perplexing turn of events, she disregarded the doctors’ advice from UBTH and chose to discharge her comatose husband, bringing him back home, where he tragically succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

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