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NDLEA apprehends Fentanyl syndicate in Anambra


NDLEA apprehends Fentanyl syndicate in Anambra

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has made a significant breakthrough in its fight against drug trafficking in Anambra State.

The agency’s operatives successfully apprehended members of a syndicate involved in the illicit importation and trafficking of a dangerous synthetic opioid known as Fentanyl.

Fentanyl, which is a hundred times more potent than Tramadol, poses a severe threat to the targeted youth population due to its potential to cause mass casualties.

The NDLEA spokesperson, Femi Babafemi, revealed that the arrest of two key members of the syndicate, Odoh Collins Oguejiofor and Oliver Chigozie Uzoma, took place at Ogbogwu market in Onitsha South LGA, Anambra State.

These arrests were part of a well-coordinated operation following an alert issued by the NDLEA on November 22nd, 2022.

The NDLEA had previously warned that criminal elements were planning to flood the Nigerian market with Fentanyl, a drug that has already resulted in over 70% of overdose deaths and has become a major contributor to fatal and nonfatal overdoses in the United States.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Fentanyl is 80 times more potent than morphine and a staggering 100 times more potent than heroin.

The NDLEA’s success in apprehending the syndicate members was the result of credible intelligence and effective collaboration with local and international partners.

Months of undercover monitoring led them to the Ogbogwu market, which is reputed to be the largest drug market in West Africa.

Brigadier General Mohamed Marwa (retired), the chairman/chief executive officer of the NDLEA, acknowledged the agency’s thorough evidence-gathering efforts and subsequently ordered the deployment of operatives to arrest the syndicate members one by one.

The first arrest was made when Oguejiofor was apprehended during a business mission. He was found in possession of packets containing 100 micrograms of Fentanyl.

Subsequently, Uzoma, who the NDLEA identified as a major dealer in various illicitly manufactured pharmaceutical opioids, including Fentanyl, was also arrested.

The authorities seized packs of liquid Fentanyl from Odoh, while Uzoma was found with different quantities of banned and controlled drugs, including Fentanyl.

The confiscated items comprised Ampules of Fentanyl Injection, Ozempic solution for injection in pre-filled pens, Ampules of Sustanon 250mg/ml, Ampules of Rivavirin injection 200mg/2ml, Ampules of Erythropoietin injection, Ampules of Recombinant Anti Rho-D Immunoglobulin injection 300MG, Ampules of Pethidine 100mg/2ml solution for injection, and Zoladex 3.6mg Goserelin.

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