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“We will return the East home, unite Nigeria,” Hon. Kalu


“We will return the East home, unite Nigeria,” Hon. Kalu

Story from Hassan GIMBA

Honourable Benjamin Kalu, a three-time member of the House of Representatives and gunning to be the Deputy Speaker in the in-coming 10th National Assembly has vowed that he and colleagues will return the South East to the centre of activities in Nigeria and unite the country.

The member representing Bende Constituency of Abia State said this in an informal tête-à-tête with senior editors and publishers of online newspapers in Abuja.

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A group picture of Senior Editors and Online Publishers with Honourable Kalu.

Honourable Kalu said he and Honourable Tajudeen Abbas, gunning for Speaker on the same team, believe that Nigerians deserve to see themselves as brothers irrespective of where they come from.

“We are tired of all this colouration that separates us from the whole. My brother in the East is my brother; my brother in the North is my brother and likewise, my brother in the West is my. That is the mentality of my generation and that will be our approach.”

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When answering a question thrown at him relating to him being the “face of the South East”, he reminded the press that even though he came from that geopolitical zone, what he aims to become is the Deputy Speaker whose constituency is the country.

He, however, said his duty as the spokesperson of the 9th House of Representatives has primed him to see the nation as one having advocated as well as defended the legislators’ actions that affected all parts of the country.

Honourable Kalu, who recently celebrated his 52nd birthday, passionately assured that “The youths on the street who are agitating will see a fellow youth who is piloting the affairs of the nation in this capacity. They will see us display a spirit of efficiency and excellence, and that will encourage them to believe more in Nigeria. This is what these young ones are looking for.”

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