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Diphtheria outbreak strikes Yobe, claiming lives of several children


Diphtheria outbreak strikes Yobe, claiming lives of several children

A suspected outbreak of Mashako disease, known as Diphtheria in English, has been reported in Potiskum town, Yobe State, where several children have tragically lost their lives to this illness.

Symptoms of the disease include fever, dry throat, swollen neck, and difficulty breathing.

Expressing concern over the significant number of child fatalities, our correspondent visited the Yobe State Specialist Hospital in Potiskum.

Alhaji Bukar Mai Anguwa, the Head of the Nursing Department, shared that children suspected of having the disease are being treated in a designated room where they receive specialized care.

To confirm the diagnosis, a series of tests and examinations will be conducted.

Parents are strongly urged to remain vigilant and promptly bring their children to the hospital if they exhibit any symptoms, as quick medical intervention is crucial.

Alhaji Bukar Mai Anguwa lamented that most children who succumbed to the illness lost their lives at home due to insufficient emergency assistance.

Reports indicate that the hospital is currently experiencing a shortage of medicines needed to treat children affected by the disease.

Following investigations by our correspondent and interviews with bereaved parents in neighborhoods such as Tandari, Misau Road, the new Sakateriya, Arikime, Ramin Kasha, Boriya, Igwanda, and Texaco, it has been discovered that over 35 children have tragically passed away within the span of one week.

Presently, the Potiskum Specialist Hospital is providing special care to 42 children who are admitted.

Doctors emphasize the importance of immediate medical attention and urge parents to bring their children to the hospital if they experience any discomfort, as those who arrive weakly may face more severe complications.

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