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Ekiti State bans controversial three-day kissing marathon


Ekiti State bans controversial three-day kissing marathon

Ekiti State government has imposed a ban on a planned three-day kissing marathon event that has been making waves in the state.

The event, organized by a group known as Sugartee and advertised on social media, was scheduled to kick off on July 7 at a popular amusement park in the state capital.

However, the state government has taken decisive action by issuing a letter through the Ministry of Arts and Culture to the Ekiti State Hoteliers Association, informing them of the ban.

The government made it clear that any venue that hosts the event would face severe sanctions.

The letter, signed by the Director of Tourism, Adebanji Adelusi, on behalf of the permanent secretary of the ministry, Dele Ogunsemoyin, emphasized that the planned event, titled ‘Kiss-a-thon,’ has the potential to tarnish the state’s image.

It described the event as absurd, unhealthy, immoral, and detrimental to the reputation of the state.

In light of these concerns, the Ekiti State government has taken a firm stance against the proposed kissing marathon. The decision to ban the event was motivated by the desire to uphold the state’s moral values and prevent any negative consequences that may arise from such an activity.

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