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Four-day-old baby survives as generator fume wipes out family of 4 in Anambra


Four-day-old baby survives as generator fume wipes out family of 4 in Anambra

A family of four with their apprentice and the mother-in-law have lost their lives due to suspected generator fumes while spending their first night in their newly acquired mansion.

The devastating incident occurred in Onitsha, Anambra State, where Mr Ifeanyi, a trader from Enugu State, had planned a surprise celebration for his wife after her recent discharge from the hospital following the birth of their baby.

According to witnesses, Mr Ifeanyi had eagerly arranged for their family to move into their new home in Nkwele Ezunaka to celebrate their newborn and the joyous milestone of owning their dream house.

However, during the night, a power outage prompted Mr Ifeanyi to switch on the generator, which he placed on the veranda near their bedroom to provide electricity in the new house.

As the family enjoyed their celebrations throughout the night, unaware of the danger, they eventually fell asleep without turning off the generator.

The following morning, a family friend who was planning to join the celebration became concerned when he found the doors locked from within and the generator still running.

Alarmed by the situation, the visitor alerted neighbours, and together they forced their way inside the house, only to discover the lifeless bodies of the family members.

The victims were immediately rushed to Borromeo Hospital in Onitsha, where Mr Ifeanyi’s wife and one of their daughters remained semi-conscious but sadly passed away despite efforts to revive them.

In a curious turn of events, their four-day-old baby, miraculously unaffected by the incident, was the only survivor. This fact has left many questioning the circumstances surrounding this tragic event, adding to the immense sorrow felt by the community.

Chairman of Onitsha Bridgehead Drugs Market, Mr. Ndubuisi Chukwuneta, expressed his deep sadness, describing Mr Ifeanyi as a hardworking young man who cherished his family and always sought to provide them with the best.

Rev. Fr. Izunna Okonkwo, the manager of St. Charles Borromeo Hospital in Onitsha, confirmed that upon their arrival at the hospital, only the newborn baby remained in stable condition, as four of the victims had already succumbed to the effects of the fumes.

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