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Ogun State students assault teacher for preventing cheating incident


Ogun State students assault teacher for preventing cheating incident

According to reports, a group of ten senior secondary school students in Ogun State attacked and assaulted their teacher, Mr. Kolawole Shonuga, after he caught one of them cheating during an examination at Isanbi Comprehensive High School, Ilisan-Remo, Ikenne Local Government Area.

During the invigilation of the unified examination for the SS 1 Art class students, Mr. Shonuga discovered that one of the students, Ashimi Adebanjo, 18 years old, was cheating and confiscated his paper. Witnesses state that after school hours, Adebanjo gathered his friends, who then ambushed and physically assaulted Mr. Shonuga at the school’s gate. One of the perpetrators, Kazeem Adelaja, reportedly struck Mr. Shonuga’s head with a stick while others joined in the assault.

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Upon receiving the report, police officers from the Remo Division apprehended approximately ten students involved in the incident. Police spokesman Omotola Odutola confirmed the assault, stating that Mr. Shonuga had filed a formal complaint at the Remo Police Division. The suspects have already been charged and arraigned in court for the assault.

Felix Agbesanwa, the State Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUSS), expressed deep concern over the incident and stressed that the students involved must be held accountable under the law as a deterrent. He stated, “No student should raise their hands against a teacher, whether they are Ogun Teach teachers or permanent teachers. They must face the consequences of their actions. I have heard that they have already been charged and brought before the court.”

The state government also condemned the assault, affirming that acts of indiscipline by students would not be tolerated. Prof. Abayomi Arigbabu, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Education, Science, and Technology, reiterated this stance while addressing the new Executive of the Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN). The government has implemented measures such as the signing of Undertaking Forms by students, parents, and school heads to hold them accountable for any misconduct. The aim is to ensure a safe and disciplined learning environment free from any form of chaos.

Prof. Arigbabu further reminded parents to communicate with their children and discourage them from engaging in inappropriate behavior. He emphasized that any student misbehaving in school will face appropriate consequences.

In October 2021,no fewer than four cases of assault on teachers were recorded in different public schools in the State, forcing the government to introduce a compulsory undertaking signed by all the students and their parents to curb hooliganism.

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