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President Tinubu in temporary residence as Villa renovations continue since April


President Tinubu in temporary residence as Villa renovations continue since April

President Bola Tinubu, having relocated to the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja, has chosen to temporarily reside in the Glass House, a smaller structure opposite the main residence, according to The PUNCH’s observations. Despite spending 63 days in office since his inauguration on May 29, President Tinubu is waiting for the completion of the 32-year-old residence’s full renovation before moving in.

A senior official from the Presidency has confirmed that President Tinubu made the move to the Glass House on Sunday night, intending to stay there until the main residence’s refurbishment is finished. The renovations began in April, forcing the president to operate from his private residence in Asokoro during this time.

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Prior to the recent move, Tinubu had been conducting official business from his private residence in Asokoro. However, complaints from commuters about the road closures necessary for his convoy prompted him to change his location. Last week, a viral video showed considerable traffic congestion caused by the president’s motorcade, prompting concerns over commuting difficulties for those in the vicinity.

Initially, President Tinubu had planned to relocate to the villa in September after the renovations were completed by August. However, it appears that public pressure may have influenced him to adjust his plans. Additionally, there have been concerns raised about the security arrangements in a residential area compared to the official residence in the Aso Rock Villa.

Regarding the nature of the renovations, The PUNCH learned that the residence’s exterior was being repainted and certain sections were receiving cleaning and fumigation. The renovation primarily focuses on finishing touches, fittings, and updating security measures, and the President will have the final say on any potential changes to the furniture.

“The focus is on repainting the stained areas and replacing any weak or faulty fittings. The furniture may not be replaced, but that decision will ultimately be left to the new President,” the source disclosed.

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