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President Tinubu orders review of N8,000 cash transfer program amid public outcry


President Tinubu orders review of N8,000 cash transfer program amid public outcry

Story from Ibraheem Hamza MUHAMMAD, Abuja

In response to widespread criticism from Nigerians, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has swiftly directed the review of the N8,000 conditional cash transfer program aimed at providing support to vulnerable households.

Presidential spokesman, Dele Alake, issued a statement on Tuesday, acknowledging the concerns expressed by citizens, and announcing the President’s decision to reevaluate the program.

He said: “You will agree with me that it has become part of the culture of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration to constantly dialogue with Nigerians who voted him into office. The President covenanted with Nigerians that their welfare and security will be topmost in the Renewed Hope Agenda of his government.”

Many Nigerians had voiced strong disapproval of the scheme, considering the amount to be woefully inadequate in providing genuine relief.

Alake stated: “The story has been widely reported that the Federal Government is proposing to give 12 million households from the poorest of the poor N8,000 monthly for a period of six months as government palliative to reduce the discomfort being experienced by Nigerians consequent upon subsidy removal.”

Alake clarified that the cash transfer program was just one component of a larger palliative package offered by the government.

In an effort to demonstrate its commitment to the welfare of Nigerians, the President also ordered the immediate distribution of fertilizers and grains to approximately 50 million farmers and households across all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

He emphasized: “The President believes government exists to cater for the interest of the people and he has demonstrated this so clearly.”

President Tinubu assured the nation that the N500 billion approved by parliament to alleviate the impact of subsidy removal would be utilized judiciously.

He emphasized that the relief benefits would be accessible to all Nigerians, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or political affiliations.

Alake quoted the President: “I wish to assure Nigerians that President Tinubu will continue to be a listening leader whose ears will not be dull to the views expressed by the citizenry.”

The statement further highlighted the President’s dedication to engaging with the public and taking their feedback seriously.

President Tinubu’s administration has adopted a policy of continuous dialogue with Nigerians who voted him into office, ensuring their welfare and security remains a top priority under the Renewed Hope Agenda.

Alake added: “The President has also set up a Tax Reform/Fiscal Policy Committee to bring up recommendations that will engender a wholesome fiscal environment for the country and remove anti-business barriers.”

Referring to previous instances of public feedback, the spokesman mentioned that the President had previously addressed concerns raised by the business community about burdensome taxes, resulting in the signing of four Executive Orders to ease their tax burdens.

The statement concluded by reaffirming President Tinubu’s commitment to being a responsive and attentive leader, always open to the views expressed by the citizenry.

Alake quoted the President once again: “The President believes in the maxim that when there is prohibition, there must be provision. Since subsidy, the hydra-headed monster threatening to kill the economy, has been stopped, government has emplaced a broad spectrum of reliefs to bring help to Nigerians.”

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