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1,800 couples benefit as Kano Govt invests N800 million in mass weddings


1,800 couples benefit as Kano Govt invests N800 million in mass weddings

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

In preparation for a mass wedding initiative, the Kano State government has made substantial investments in furniture, food items, and clothing materials to support 1,800 couples participating in the program.

With an allocated budget exceeding N800 million, the state government’s commitment extends to purchasing furniture, clothing materials, food provisions, and dowries, among other essentials.

Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, the commander of the Kano Hisbah board, unveiled these preparations while inspecting the items designated for the mass wedding.

He emphasized the current administration’s determination to combat social issues such as prostitution and other related vices within the state.

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Under this initiative, each bride is set to receive a complete bedding set, including mattresses and pillows, alongside a monetary grant of N20,000 to facilitate the launch of a small business venture.

Sheikh Aminu outlined the rigorous selection criteria in place for beneficiaries, cautioning that anyone found guilty of divorcing their spouse shortly after the wedding would be liable to reimburse the government for the items provided.

In addition to the government’s efforts, Sheikh Aminu revealed that philanthropists and affluent individuals have expressed their commitment to contribute towards the success of the mass wedding initiative.

This noble endeavour is expected to benefit 1,800 couples, alleviating societal challenges and poverty that often delay marriages due to parents’ inability to fund the ceremonies.

Regarding the event’s date, Sheikh Aminu assured the public and potential supporters that timely notifications would be issued to facilitate the achievement of the initiative’s objectives.

He also issued an appeal to wealthy individuals, encouraging them to support the government’s mission by assisting the less privileged members of society.

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