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20-year-old woman in Anambra throws newborn baby into pit toilet


20-year-old woman in Anambra throws newborn baby into pit toilet

In the Otuocha community of Anambra East Local Government Area, a shocking incident unfolded when a 20-year-old woman, Nwaedoka Chidimma from Izzi community in Ebonyi State, allegedly abandoned her newborn baby in a pit latrine.

The harrowing event took place on a Sunday and remained hidden until Tuesday, when the cries of the helpless infant alerted residents, prompting their heroic rescue efforts.

Esther, a resident and friend of the suspect, disclosed that Chidimma had come to the area to work as a farmhand while heavily pregnant.

It was while she was working on the farm that Chidimma, experiencing stomach discomfort, rushed to use the toilet. Upon her return, she was covered in blood, leaving Esther concerned.

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Esther said, “Chidimma is my friend, she begged me to let her stay at my place for a few days because of a farming job she had secured. While she was working on the farm, she suddenly began to act strangely, complaining of stomach pain, and hurried to the pit toilet.”

“After spending considerable time in the toilet, she emerged with bloodstains. I initially thought it was a stillbirth and promptly called for a nurse. However, after an examination, the nurse revealed that the baby was missing.”

“I encouraged her to return to her parents and inform them of the situation, thinking she had suffered a stillbirth. But it wasn’t until Tuesday, when we heard the cries of a baby, that we realized the truth. We used a ladder to rescue the newborn from the pit and immediately contacted the authorities, including the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare.”

The Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare, Ify Obinabo, swiftly intervened, ensuring the baby received medical attention at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Amaku Awka. Simultaneously, the suspect was apprehended.

Obinabo reassured the public that the infant is now in stable condition and emphasized that the young mother would not escape justice.

She underlined the state governor’s, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, unwavering commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against such heinous acts.

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