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Ali Nuhu wins Best Actor Award at 2023 Nollywood Europe Golden Awards


Ali Nuhu wins Best Actor Award at 2023 Nollywood Europe Golden Awards

Story from Saleh INUWA

Popular Nollywood and Kannywood actor, Ali Nuhu, has won the Best Actor Award at the 2023 Nollywood Europe Golden Awards.

Ali Nuhu is one of the best Nollywood and Kannywood actors in Nigeria and has a great fan base worldwide.

The Award


The 49-year-old Hausa superstar has achieved so many things and is well known for his humility and great diligence in his work.

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Nuhu has starred in so many blockbusters including Nollywood movies like Shanty Town which skyrocketed his popularity.

Fans have showered the actor with prayers and congratulatory messages after he posted his win as the best actor at Nollywood Europe Golden Awards 2023.

Nigerian actor and director, Ali Nuhu Mohammed, was born on 15 March 1974.

He acts in both Hausa and English movies, which earned him the nickname, King of Kannywood or “Sarki Ali” by the media.

Ali Nuhu has appeared in more than 500 Nollywood and Kannywood films and earned numerous accolades.

Nuhu is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors of all time in the history of Hausa Cinema, the Hausa film industry is headquartered in Kano State, Nigeria.

He has been described as the most successful Hausa film star in the world in terms of audience, size, and income.

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