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Alkubus, by Auyo’s Cuisines


Alkubus, by Auyo’s Cuisines 

Alkubus originated from the Arabs and the food came into Nigeria when the Arabs started coming into the country. It is made primarily from wheat flour. It is also known as “steam bread” in the English language, and it is mostly consumed by the Hausas in the northern part of Nigeria.

Equipment needed for Alkubus

Steaming pot
Nylon, cake container, or moi moi container

A clean bowl

A scooping spoon

A sieve

Any source of heat such as gas, stove, charcoal, etc.

3 cups of wheat
2 cups of all-purpose flour
2½ cups of water
½ tablespoon of salt
3 spoons of Vegetable oil
2 spoons of yeast
1table spoon sugar

Procedures for Making Alkubus

STEP 1: Sieve the flour and wheat inside a clean bowl.

STEP 2: Add the yeast, sugar, and salt to the bowl

STEP 3: Add the water and oil, then mix them to make a paste or dough.
The dough should be a little bit thicker than that of puff-puff.

STEP 4: knead the dough for good fifteen minutes

STEP 5: Cover your dough and set it aside. Allow it to rise for about 30 minutes minutes. You will notice that the dough will double its original size when rises fully.

STEP 6: Mix thoroughly again to exhaust the air in the dough.

STEP 7: Use a little oil to grease your cupcake or moi moi container for easy removal after it’s done. Then add the mixture to the desired container. Allow to rise again for about 10 minutes.

Well risen alkubus

STEP 8: Place a steamer pot on medium heat and add water inside. Allow it to come to a boil.

STEP 9: Arrange the cupcake or moi moi containers inside the steamer pot, cover them with nylon, and allow them to steam for about 30-35 minutes.

STEP10: It is properly done when a toothpick is inserted and it came out dry.

STEP 11:Take it down and allow it to cool.

STEP 12: Alkubus is best served hot. It can be taken with any soup or stew of choice. I prefer mine with Chicken pepper soup or spinach sauce. It can also be eaten plain with a tea or drink.

Alkubus with vegetable soup

Nutritional Benefits of Alkubus

It is found to be one of the healthiest food of this generation. First, it is made by steaming. In addition to being a major source of starch and energy, wheat also provides substantial amounts of components which are essential or beneficial for health, notably protein, vitamins (notably B vitamins), dietary fibre, and phytochemicals.

Plain Alkubus, can be eaten with tea

The wheat flour used to make Alkubus aids digestion, prevent weight loss, lowers the risk of heart attack, cleanses your system, and lowers the risk of cancer.

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