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Assembly Gate Drama: Tricycle-riding lawmaker stopped (Video)


Assembly Gate Drama: Tricycle-riding lawmaker stopped (Video)

In a recent incident at the state Assembly Complex, Hon. Beneard Udemezue, who represents Ayamelum constituency, encountered an unexpected hurdle when he arrived for work on a tricycle.

This situation sheds light on a concerning societal trend where modest public officials who choose to lead a frugal lifestyle are met with resistance, even in the face of prevailing economic challenges.

Interestingly, it’s often the public that inadvertently exerts pressure on politicians and officials, compelling them to adopt extravagant and opulent ways of living.

The case of Hon. Udemezue serves as a poignant example. During one of the week’s sittings, he opted to ride a tricycle to the Assembly Complex.

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To his surprise, he was stopped at the entrance by security personnel who, due to his unconventional mode of transport, failed to recognize him as a member of the 8th Assembly.

The security personnel insisted that entering the complex on a tricycle wasn’t permissible and went as far as attempting to subject him to embarrassment for not arriving in a luxurious vehicle.

In response, Hon. Udemezue promptly questioned whether anyone had provided him with an official car for his duties, which he had turned down.

What sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to maintaining a humble profile and refraining from adopting ostentatious habits since his earlier days—long before assuming his role as a legislator.

What’s worth noting is that the state government has yet to allocate official vehicles, prompting Hon. Udemezue to consciously choose a practical mode of transportation, a tricycle commonly referred to as a “Keke Napep.”

See the video below:

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