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Bandits attack Zamfara community, kidnap 27 residents


Bandits attack Zamfara community, kidnap 27 residents

Ahmad Janbako, a resident of Jan-Bako town in Zamfara State, recounted the harrowing events that unfolded in the early hours of Tuesday. Armed bandits raided the community while its residents peacefully slumbered, ruthlessly looting shops and abducting 27 helpless individuals, mostly women and children.

In his interview with News Point Nigeria, Ahmad described the chilling silence with which the assailants infiltrated the town, compromising its security from all directions without a single gunshot.

Panic ensued as the bandits swiftly carted away food items and other essential supplies.

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“Last night, the community of Janbako town woke up in a terrible incident where armed bandits attacked the town from every corner and started looting the shops of traders and taking away food and other necessities,” Ahmad shared solemnly.

Expressing their distress, Ahmad revealed, “Many people were forcefully taken. They are mostly women and children. We are yet to complete the assessment of the number of people abducted at this moment, but the count so far showed 27. We are still searching the bushes to know if we can find any of our people.”

The traumatized resident expressed his community’s shock at the security breach, as they had experienced relative peace for an extended period of time. This incident marked the first instance of such a security problem where bandits successfully infiltrated their town.

“This is the first time we are having security problems that the bandits succeeded in entering our town,” Ahmad explained. “That was why they entered silently because they are aware that if the residents know about their movements, they will not go just like that.”

In the face of uncertainty and fear, the community relies on their faith, praying fervently to Almighty Allah for the safe return of their kidnapped brothers and sisters.

Reflecting on the response of security agencies, Ahmad spoke of the lack of a nearby military outpost. Help arrived too late, around 4 am, only after the bandits had already departed.

As of now, police authorities in the state have yet to comment on the latest attack, leaving the community in search of answers and desperate for swift action to ensure the safe return of their fellow residents.

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