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Buhari throws people under the bus, Obj wouldn’t – Prof. Adibe


Buhari throws people under the bus, Obj wouldn’t – Prof. Adibe

Professor Jideofor Adibe, a renowned political science professor at Nasarawa State University, has expressed his views on the difference in treatment experienced by Central Bank Governor Emefiele under President Buhari compared to under former President Obasanjo.

In an interview on Channels Television, Prof. Adibe emphasized the need for newly appointed ministers under President Tinubu to have the political support of the president in order to effectively carry out their duties and take calculated risks.

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According to Prof. Adibe, “For the ministers to work and be effective in their decision-making, the tone must be set by the president. As a leader, the president must lead by example and provide the confidence necessary for ministers to make decisions. Only when the ministers are certain of having political cover will they be able to take effective risks. For instance, the demolitions carried out by El Rufai in Abuja as a minister would not have been possible without the political backing of Obasanjo. The same goes for the bank consolidation executed by Soludo.”

Highlighting the contrasting situations, Prof. Adibe stated, “If it were not for a strong character and strong-willed leader like Obasanjo, none of these initiatives would have succeeded.

However, under Buhari, it appears that if any policy faces significant criticism, the president tends to distance himself from it. We saw this with the naira redesign issue.
Although Buhari claimed ownership on public television, when the heat intensified on Emefiele, there was a noticeable absence of support. This would never have happened to Emefiele under Obasanjo.”

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