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Holiday Allowance Palava: Ndume attacks Akpabio


Holiday Allowance Palava: Ndume attacks Akpabio

Story from Vincent CHIKAMSO, Abuja

Senator Ali Ndume from Borno South has strongly criticized the actions and statements of Senate President Godswill Akpabio, deeming them inappropriate and unexpected from an elder of Akpabio’s stature.

Ndume’s response is prompted by Akpabio’s revelation that money had been disbursed to senators for discretionary use during their recess.

Ndume firmly asserted that if Akpabio persists in making careless and irresponsible remarks that tarnish the image of lawmakers, severe measures will be taken against him by the senators.

He further emphasized that Akpabio’s comments are unbecoming of a senior statesman and an individual holding the third-highest position in the nation.

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Speaking with BBC Hausa Service, Ndume confirmed that senators received two million naira.

He, however, lamented that Akpabio’s remark was an embarrassment to the Senate.

According to him: “All senators received N2 million. And I am making this comment with a heavy heart because he (Akpabio) is the cause of this controversy.

“He made a very wrong statement, and I warned him immediately that his comments were unbecoming of an elder.

“In fact, we are even planning to take a drastic action against him if he continues making unguarded statements and acting as if we are kids.”

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