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IDPs in Niger State resort to street begging amidst insecurity, economic meltdown


IDPs in Niger State resort to street begging amidst insecurity, economic meltdown

Story from Christine Tobechukwu

The plight of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Niger State has taken a dire and distressing twist as they have resorted to street begging for survival.

The IDPs, who were once self-sufficient farmers, from farming communities in Wushishi LGA are now grappling with the harsh reality of life.

Niger State has recently been plaqued by incessant attacks and kidnappings by bandits that even military personnel are not left out.

The insecurity, coupled with the financial challenges in the country after the removal of fuel subsidy by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has made life very hard for the low income earners.

According to reports from Niger State, the Council Chairman, Mohammed Kpoti Yelwa, has taken the initiative to distribute food as an emergency measure to these displaced individuals.

This gesture, while commendable, highlights the severity of the crisis.

News Point Nigeria gathered that the once-thriving farming communities were thrown into chaos when bandits stormed several towns in the Wushishi local government area.

The aftermath of the attacks saw homes destroyed, livelihoods shattered, and an entire way of life obliterated.

What compounds the tragedy even further is the fact that these IDPs were once the very providers of the food they are now begging for.

The fertile lands of Niger State had long sustained these communities. However, the unrelenting wave of attacks has forced them from their homes, robbing them not only of shelter but also of their ability to cultivate their fields.

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The plight of the IDPs in Niger State serves as a stark reminder of the far-reaching consequences of bandits invasion where individuals who once tilled the land, now reduced to seeking sustenance on the streets inorder to survive.

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