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I’m Yet To Receive Anything: Senator Ningi criticizes Akpabio’s allowance update


I’m Yet To Receive Anything: Senator Ningi criticizes Akpabio’s allowance update

Story from Vincent CHIKAMSO, Abuja

Bauchi Central Senator, Abdul Ningi, has raised concerns over an announcement made by Senate President Godswill Akpabio regarding a recess allowance sent to Senators ahead of the holiday break.

In a recent statement, Akpabio had informed his colleagues about the disbursement of a token sum to facilitate an enjoyable holiday period. However, Ningi criticized Akpabio’s approach in sharing this information.

Appearing on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Ningi expressed his viewpoint, stating, “I’m yet to receive any funds in my account. While I’ve heard that some individuals received a N2 million allowance, I personally haven’t seen any such deposit. Hopefully, things will be sorted out soon.”

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Ningi further questioned the transparency of the process, suggesting that the announcement should have been handled more discreetly.

Ningi elaborated, “In situations like these, it’s essential to exercise prudence and tact. Broadcasting such matters in the manner that Akpabio did can be perceived as a significant blunder, both for the Senate President and the National Assembly as an institution. Akpabio could have taken the opportunity to clarify the purpose and origin of these allowances. Questions arise, such as the basis of allowance allocation, the source of these funds, and whether they are separate from regular remuneration.”

Regarding the adequacy of the N2 million allowance for the holiday, Ningi expressed skepticism, stating, “I’m struggling to comprehend how N2 million would significantly enhance one’s holiday experience. The intended purpose of this money remains unclear to me.”

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