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Journalist Ughakpateni becomes NDDC’s director of corporate affairs


Journalist Ughakpoteni becomes NDDC’s director of corporate affairs

Pius Oghenevwairhe Ughakpateni, the former Director of New Media at the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), has been appointed as the new Director of Corporate Affairs, following the retirement of Dr. Ibitoye Abosede.

Ughakpateni, a skilled writer with years of experience in journalism, has been with the NDDC since October 2022 and has previously served as the Director of the Abuja Liaison Office.

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This appointment comes with a new mandate as the New Media Department has been merged with the Corporate Affairs Directorate. Ughakpateni and his team will oversee all aspects of external and internal communications, stakeholder engagement, reputation management, and brand strategy for the NDDC.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the role, Ughakpateni said, “This is a significant change and a great opportunity for me and my team to support the NDDC in achieving its development goals for the Niger Delta region. We are confident in our talent, creativity, and passion to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people in the region.”

Ughakpateni brings a wealth of experience to the position, with a career spanning journalism, management, public relations, and research. Born in Eruemukohwarien, Delta State, he has pursued education and professional development in Nigeria as well as universities in England and Switzerland.

Currently a doctoral candidate at Business School Lausanne, Ughakpateni’s research interests lie in leadership, sustainability, innovation, change, and strategy implementation. He is fascinated by collaboration and constructive engagement for change and aims to work with top executives to advance corporate sustainability performance.

Throughout his career, Ughakpateni has earned multiple degrees, including three Master’s degrees from universities in England. Additionally, he has solid experience in journalism, having worked for various newspapers and serving as Associate Editor of Leadership newspaper.

Since joining the NDDC in 2004, Ughakpateni has held positions of increasing responsibility, demonstrating his dedication to enhancing media coverage and public awareness of the Commission’s projects and programs. As the new Director of Corporate Affairs, he is eager to contribute to the NDDC’s mission of facilitating development in the Niger Delta region and ensuring effective communication with stakeholders.

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