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KACRAN urges governors to prioritise fairness in palliative distribution


KACRAN urges governors to prioritise fairness in palliative distribution

The Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) has called upon governors across the country to follow the exemplary approach of Governor Mai Mala Buni in ensuring fairness and justice in the distribution of palliatives.

The association emphasized the urgent need for equitable distribution of relief measures, particularly in light of the removal of oil subsidies and its devastating impact on the Nigerian population.

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In a statement by Hon. Khalil Mohd Bello
National President of Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), it highlighted the severe hardships faced by Nigerians as food prices and living expenses continue to rise beyond the reach of the common man.

Many citizens are struggling to afford even a single meal each day, with some forced to go hungry for several days. The situation has pushed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to resort to begging for survival.

In response to this dire situation, President Bala Ahmed Tinubu initiated a plan to distribute palliatives to millions of Nigerians. The responsibility for this distribution falls upon the state governors, as agreed upon during a meeting between the President and governors last month.

This decision was likely influenced by the fact that the ruling party controls more than twenty states in the country, and state governments are considered to be closer to the grassroots level.

KACRAN expressed their appreciation for Governor Mai Mala Buni’s leadership in Yobe State, where he formed a palliative distribution committee comprising members from various political parties, labor unions, media associations, legal professionals, advocacy groups for people with disabilities, and women’s associations.

The committee was entrusted with the task of ensuring fair and just distribution of the palliatives to all residents of Yobe State, without any form of segregation.

The association commended Governor Buni’s commitment to treating all people of the state, regardless of their religion, tribe, or political affiliation, with equality and fairness.

They urged other governors to emulate this approach, emphasizing the importance of treating their respective constituents objectively. By doing so, all Nigerians would be able to benefit from President Tinubu’s gesture to alleviate the sufferings brought about by the removal of oil subsidies.

KACRAN used this opportunity to express deep appreciation and commendation to the Deputy Governor, Hon Idi Barde Gubana (Wazirin Fine), and the Secretary to the State Government, Alh Baba Malam Wali mni, for their unwavering dedication in ensuring that the palliatives are efficiently delivered to the doorsteps of the people of Yobe State.

Their commitment to executing the strong directive given by Governor Mai Mala Buni is commendable and deserving of recognition.

KACRAN concluded the press release by invoking the collective support of all Nigerians and expressing their faith that, with the governors’ adherence to fairness and justice in the distribution of palliatives, the suffering endured by millions of Nigerians due to the removal of oil subsidies can be alleviated.

They called upon the governors to prioritize the well-being of their constituents and ensure that the relief measures reach those who need them most.

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