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Taraba varsity student, Nusaiba Hussaini, appreciates Neptune Prime for successful internship experience


Taraba varsity student, Nusaiba Hussaini, appreciates Neptune Prime for successful internship experience

In a heartfelt farewell message, Miss Nusaiba Hussaini, an intern from Taraba State University, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to Neptune Network Limited as she completes her internship with the esteemed media organisation.

Nusaiba, a talented and promising young journalist, embarked on her internship journey at Neptune Prime with enthusiasm and a desire to gain valuable experience in the field of journalism.

Over the past few months, she had the opportunity to work closely with experienced professionals, covering a wide range of activities that would shape her skills in reporting, writing, and editing.

Reflecting on her time at the media house, Nusaiba shared, “I am extremely grateful for the incredible learning experience here at Neptune Prime.

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“The guidance and support I received from the entire team will be key in shaping my understanding of the media industry and strengthening my passion for journalism.”

During her internship, Nusaiba worked on several significant assignments, such as covering local community events, podcast, conducting interviews, and contributing articles to the organisation’s online platforms.

Her dedication in delivering accurate and engaging news contents have been commendable, earning her recognition from her colleagues and supervisors.

Mrs. Christine Tobechukwu, Sub-Editor at Neptune Prime, praised Nusaiba for her hard work and commitment.

She stated, “Nusaiba has been a tremendous asset to our organisation during her time here. She has shown immense talent, a keen eye for storytelling, and a strong work ethic. We are confident that she will continue to excel in her journalism career.”

As Nusaiba bade farewell to Neptune Prime, she expressed her sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to her growth and development.

Members of Staff with the intern


She specifically mentioned her mentors, Ms. Cara, Ms. Sakinat, Ms. Maryam, Ms. Faiza, Ms. Onyinye, Mr. Vincent and friends who provided guidance, encouragement, and constructive feedback throughout her internship.

Looking ahead, the young intern said she will continue to apply the knowledge and skills she acquired during her time at Neptune Prime to her future endeavours in journalism.

She said she aims to use her voice to tell compelling stories, shed light on important social issues, and make a positive impact through her reporting.

Neptune Prime wishes Nusaiba the very best as she continue her journey in journalism. With strong dedication, enthusiasm, she will attain a successful and fulfilling career in the field.

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