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Teenage Kano girl dies of starvation after one day without food


Teenage Kano girl dies of starvation after one day without food

Story from Yahya Shawai, Kano

A heart-wrenching incident has been reported from DanTsinke town in the Ungwaggo Local Government Area of Kano, where 13-year-old Fiddausi tragically lost her life due to hunger.

The young girl and her siblings went an entire day without food, highlighting the harsh reality of poverty in the area.

In an interview with Mahmud Abdullahi, Fiddausi’s father, he revealed the dire circumstances his family faced as a result of the removal of fuel subsidies. The skyrocketing prices and the unstable exchange rate had a devastating effect on his business, causing it to collapse. The family struggled to afford even a single meal throughout the day.

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Fiddausi’s mother shared their desperate situation, stating that they resorted to eating gari, a local staple, brought by her husband after their long period of hunger. Tragically, after consuming the gari, Fiddausi and her siblings began vomiting.

Despite swift action and seeking medical help from a neighbor who was a doctor, Fiddausi lost her life before reaching the hospital.

Abdullahi explained how he tried to gather assistance from friends but could only collect a meager sum of ₦500. With that amount, he purchased four cups of gari with sugar to feed his family. “Little did they know, the gari would have such devastating effects”. Fiddausi started complaining of severe stomach pain and began vomiting shortly after consuming it.

“I Have to Quickly Rush and Informed my neighbor, who was a medical Doctor. He came to the house and gave Fiddausi a first aide Treatment before we could rush to the hospital. To God be the Glory, Before we could get to the hospital, it was observed that Fiddausi Was Dead”.

Distraught, Abdullahi sought the help of a neighbor who was a medical professional and was able to administer first-aid treatment. However, their efforts were in vain, as by the time they reached the hospital, Fiddausi had already passed away.

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