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They killed my husband, then kidnapped me – IDP recounts heartbreaking tale with bandits


They killed my husband, then kidnapped me – IDP recounts heartbreaking tale with bandits

In a harrowing account, Laziya Awal, an internally displaced person (IDP) residing in Kuta camp, Shiroro Local Government Council of Niger State, has shared her traumatic experience at the hands of bandits.

During an exclusive interview with Trust TV, Mrs. Awal revealed the unimaginable tragedy she had endured. She recounted how, shortly after the heart-wrenching loss of her husband, he fell victim to banditry in her presence.

To her utter disbelief and during her period of mourning as a widow, the bandits targeted her once again. Under the cover of darkness, they raided her home and kidnapped her along with ten other women.

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Reliving the nightmare, Mrs. Awal revealed that she and the other women were held captive for three agonizing months. It was only after a ransom of four hundred thousand naira was paid that they were eventually released.

With tears in her eyes, Mrs. Awal recalled the tragic moment, stating, “My husband was killed by bandits, and while I was in my waiting period as a widow, bandits struck again and kidnapped me. I spent three months in captivity.

They came around 2 a.m. and abducted eleven of us, all women. They released us after the payment of four hundred thousand naira ransom. My husband was shot in my presence; it was a heartless killing.”

The heart-wrenching account serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing violence and terror inflicted upon innocent people by these ruthless criminals. It highlights the urgent need for increased security measures and concerted efforts to put an end to such acts of banditry.

Beyond the tragedy, Laziya Awal’s story also sheds light on the resilience and strength of those who have endured such atrocities.

Their voices should serve as a call to action, urging authorities to prioritize the safety and well-being of vulnerable communities, ensuring that no one else has to suffer the same fate.

As we stand in solidarity with Mrs. Awal and all victims of banditry, we must unite in condemning these acts of violence and work towards a safer and more secure future for all.

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