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Ukraine orders mandatory evacuation in Kharkov region amid Russian advances


Ukraine orders mandatory evacuation in Kharkov region amid Russian advances

In response to Russian troops making headway in the region, Ukrainian authorities have issued a mandatory evacuation order for a key city near Kharkov.

The order affects part of the Kharkov Region that borders the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, announced by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

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Acting head of the Kupyansk military administration, Andrey Kanashevich, issued a written order on Thursday, outlining the evacuation of 37 settlements near the combat zone.

The decision was made based on the ongoing “constant [Russian] artillery attacks and the security situation.” Notably, the evacuation order also applies to the city of Kupyansk itself.

Simultaneously, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that its assault units had advanced in the area.

Russian Telegram channel Voyennaya Chronica revealed that Russian troops were now only seven kilometers away from Kupyansk, placing the city well within artillery range.

While Kupyansk was previously captured by Russian troops during the onset of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022, it was retaken by Kiev last autumn when Moscow announced the regrouping of its forces in the area.

The city plays a significant role as it hosts a major railway station crucial for supplying troops deployed south of the city.

Additionally, should Moscow gain control of Kupyansk, it would serve to deter Ukrainian attacks on the Lugansk People’s Republic, according to Russian military experts.

As the evacuation order is issued and reports of Russian advances surface, Ukraine’s much-anticipated counteroffensive continues.

However, Moscow claims that Kiev’s attacks have failed to gain any significant ground. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated last week that Ukrainian losses since the start of the push in early June have exceeded 43,000 troops and nearly 5,000 pieces of military equipment. The situation remains tense as both sides navigate the ongoing conflict.

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