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University of Calabar suspends law faculty dean amidst sexual harassment allegations


University of Calabar suspends law faculty dean amidst sexual harassment allegations

The University of Calabar has taken decisive action by suspending Prof. Cyril Ndifon, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, following allegations of sexual harassment.

The suspension, effective from August 17, 2023, comes after an internal investigation carried out by the university management in response to complaints made by female students of the faculty.

A video that went viral on social media depicted students storming the office of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Florence Obi, holding placards bearing messages such as “Ndifon must go for our sanity,” “We are tired of buying law journals,” “We are tired of lecturers not attending classes,” and “Law girls are not your bonanza; Prof. Ndifon should stop grabbing us and others.”

In an interview with CrossRiverWatch, Prof. Ndifon denied the allegations, asserting that the protest was instigated by individuals within the faculty who held a grudge against him.

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The university management, unsatisfied with Prof. Ndifon’s response to the query served to him, released a letter through the university spokesperson, Eyo Bassey, which was made available to journalists.

The letter stated that the Vice-Chancellor had carefully reviewed Prof. Ndifon’s written representations but remained dissatisfied with his explanations.

Consequently, the Vice-Chancellor directed that Prof. Ndifon be relieved of his position as Dean of the Faculty of Law and placed on suspension while an investigative panel is established to address the allegations.

The suspension takes effect from August 17, 2023, and Prof. Ndifon is required to hand over all university property in his possession, along with any official responsibilities he currently holds, to the Sub-Dean of the Faculty.

He is also instructed to stay away from the university premises unless he is responding to an invitation from the panel investigating the allegations.

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