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Whatever is meant for you, shall never pass you, by Aisha Auyo


Whatever is meant for you, shall never pass you, by Aisha Auyo

In search of a better life, opportunities, and breakthrough, Man undergoes different levels of difficulties, stress, and strain, just to make ends meet.

Some even cheat, embezzle, bribe and kill, just to achieve what they think will be their breakthrough.

But what we tend to forget is that whatever is meant for us shall never pass us, and regardless of how hard we work, and how badly we want, if it’s not meant to be, it will not happen.

I will reiterate the above point with a viral video of a little girl who was seen playing in the mud with the bread she was sent to buy.

A girl sent to buy bread

She was captured by a photographer unexpectedly and the photo was sent to the bread company.

The company decided to use her on their billboard, and their sales increased massively. She became ‘Miss Albany Bread’ (their Brand Ambassador), and from that moment, she is being paid and has become a breadwinner to her family.

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This happened in South Africa.

The young girl’s family never saw their turnaround coming, and neither did she imagine herself becoming famous for any reason. nonetheless, her destiny located her, for she is born to be a brand ambassador.

This should be a ‘Calm down call’ for you and me. Let’s relax, have peace of mind, and always remind ourselves that what is meant for us, will never miss us.

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