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Woman cries over alleged theft of son’s private part (Video)


Woman cries over alleged theft of son’s private part (Video)

In a viral video, a distraught woman is seen crying uncontrollably as she claims that an unidentified man has allegedly stolen her son’s private part.

The incident, which remains shrouded in mystery, has prompted neighbours to gather around and offer support to both the mother and her son.

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At the time of reporting, the details surrounding this unsettling event are unclear. Nonetheless, the video has ignited a flurry of reactions across social media platforms, with netizens sharing their opinions on the shocking incident.

Xin_nightwolf expressed, “If you doubt the authenticity of this, you’re mistaken. This phenomenon has been occurring for years. Once touched, a person supposedly becomes impotent for life. The only remedy is the return of what was taken. I used to consider it implausible until I witnessed it firsthand. A woman helped to reverse it, and even had to provide assistance. The man’s recovery was quite remarkable.”

Latalove001 shared, “Seek spiritual intervention. My brother experienced something similar, but our faith in Jesus brought about a resolution for our family. Turning to Jesus is the ultimate solution.”

Ksolo_hitz added, “Years ago, I believed this to be a myth until a friend experienced it. Luckily, we apprehended the individual responsible and he rectified the situation. My friend even tested it out with someone, and the result was as solid as a log of wood.”

The incident, while alarming, has elicited a range of reactions, highlighting the power of collective beliefs and the role of spirituality in trying times.

Watch the video below:

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