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Woman seeks divorce after threats following child’s death


Woman seeks divorce after threats following child’s death

Grade A Customary Court in Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has reached a verdict on a divorce suit presented by Latifat Kekereekun against her husband, Victor Kekereekun.

Latifat accused Victor of lacking love and care for her, and of consistently threatening her peace of mind.

The couple was blessed with a child, tragically lost. Latifat detailed that after this heartbreaking loss, Victor’s behavior turned cruel, making her life unbearable.

She sought solace by moving out of their marital home, but Victor’s relentless threats continued at her new residence.

Latifat appealed to the court for a dissolution of their marriage and a restraining order against Victor’s threats and interference with her personal life. Despite being served hearing notices, Victor never appeared in court.

Latifat testified, “My husband and I lived together for 12 years before I moved out of his house. We never held any wedding ceremony, and he did not pay my bride price. I walked out of our marriage when I could no longer bear my husband’s maltreatment. Victor is a brute; he started beating me from the outset of our marriage and almost took my life.”

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She continued, “It is obvious my husband does not love me. If I had known this while dating, I would not have married him. Victor never gave me attention, and our intimacy was lacking. He focused on himself and neglected my needs.”

She lamented the loss of their only child and how Victor’s cruelty intensified afterward, saying, “He beat me more and threatened to kill me during arguments. He made our home unbearable, and I had no peace or rest of mind.”

Latifat implored the court for a divorce and protection from Victor’s threats.

The court president, Mrs. S.M Akintayo, noted Victor’s consistent absence, indicating his lack of interest in saving the marriage.

Since no customary wedding or bride price was evident, Akintayo ruled the marriage non-existent and restrained Victor from further threats or interference.

The judgment will be served to the defendant.

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