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Angry man kills friend over refusal to pay for food


Angry man kills friend over refusal to pay for food


A man simply identified as John has reportedly lost his life after his friend, Akinola Adeleye, allegedly killed him by stabbing him to death during an argument over who should pay for a plate of food.

The incident took place in the Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area of Lagos State, leaving the community in shock and disbelief.

According to witnesses, the disagreement between John and Akinola arose when Akinola, after consuming a plate of food, insisted that the bill should be added to the tab of their absent friend.

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Residents of the Idiagbon Street, adjacent to the local government headquarters, narrated the sequence of events leading up to the tragic incident. It is reported that John had been staying at Akinola’s residence when the dispute over the meal bill arose.

Ugochukwu, a resident in the area, recounted the incident to our newsmen, saying, “Akinola went to their usual food spot and after eating, instead of paying, he asked them to charge the bill to his friend who wasn’t present at the time.

When John went to eat at the same restaurant, he was informed that he owed payment for the food Akinola had consumed. This revelation surprised and angered him, as Akinola had failed to communicate this arrangement to him.”

“So, he quickly finished his meal and went home to confront his friend about the debt that was passed down to him. That was how they started quarrelling. As they were fighting over the matter, Akinola, out of anger, asked John to pack out of his house immediately, but John refused, and the fight intensified.

“Before anyone knew what was happening, Akinola left the scene of the fight, rushed back with a knife, and stabbed John. We had assumed the fight was over when Akinola left, only for us to see him rush at John with the knife.

“Before we could do anything, John was on the ground, and blood was gushing out from his body. Everywhere became scattered in confusion.”

Ugochukwu further revealed that, amidst the confusion, Akinola wanted to escape the scene but was nabbed by some young men in the area.

Dada, another resident in the area, told newsmen that he saw the corpse of the man who had been killed wheeled past his shop to the junction of the street on the day the incident happened.

He stated that according to what he gathered from the neighbours, the corpse was wheeled out when the policemen who were contacted said they wouldn’t enter the street because of the volatile nature of the area.

He said, “They called the police to come to the area, but the policemen refused, saying that the area was too dangerous and that they should bring the dead man and the suspect to the junction.

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