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Death of police cadet exposes inadequate facilities at Nigeria Police Academy


Death of police cadet exposes inadequate facilities at Nigeria Police Academy

Story from Hamzat Ibrahim ABAGA

In a heart-wrenching incident, the Nigeria Police Academy in Kano State found itself at the center of tragedy when a 100-level police cadet, A.S Jika, lost his life due to the ill-equipped hospital on the premises.

The lack of essential equipment and trained personnel in the academy’s clinic proved fatal for the young cadet, who was studying Computer Science.

According to Punch Newspaper, the incident occurred on Saturday morning when Jika suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the academy’s clinic. Unfortunately, the clinic was ill-prepared to handle his emergency.

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Despite the desperate attempts to save his life, Jika could not receive the necessary treatment, leading to his untimely demise.

Disturbing allegations have since emerged, with fellow cadets accusing the Commandant, Assistant Inspector-General Sadiq Abubakar, of financial mismanagement and high-handedness. It is claimed that funds allocated for the cadets’ nourishment were misappropriated by top officials, leaving the cadets hungry and malnourished for over two weeks. This dire situation likely exacerbated Jika’s vulnerability and may have contributed to his tragic death.

Witnesses have described the academy’s clinic as an inhospitable environment, lacking the necessary resources to handle the volume of sick cadets. This incident sheds light on the dire circumstances within the institution.

Surviving cadets have shared their daily struggles, including starvation and malnourishment, often resulting in collapses during training. The commandant’s decisions to close essential facilities such as the market and laundry, as well as imposing strenuous training exercises during lecture hours, have compounded the cadets’ suffering.

Furthermore, concerned staff members have expressed disappointment regarding the insufficient monthly feeding allowance provided to the cadets. Allegations of corruption within the institution suggest that funds intended for the cadets’ welfare are being diverted into the pockets of higher-ranking officials.

Despite multiple attempts to seek a response from Commandant Assistant Inspector-General Sadiq Abubakar, he has remained unavailable for comment on the matter.

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