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Former classmate confirms President Tinubu graduated from Chicago State University


Former classmate confirms President Tinubu graduated from Chicago State University

In a recent statement, Public Affairs Analyst Durojaiye Ogunsanya has come forward to confirm that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was his classmate at Chicago State University (CSU). Ogunsanya revealed that both he and the president graduated from the Department of Accounting and Business Administration in 1979.

President Tinubu’s academic record has been a topic of controversy, with some political opponents claiming that the Tinubu who attended CSU is a female. Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, one of Tinubu’s main challengers in the 2023 Presidential election, has even filed a suit seeking to obtain Tinubu’s academic records from CSU.

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However, Ogunsanya, speaking on a TVC program, shared his personal knowledge of the president’s education. He stated, “We met in a school in Chicago State; we were in the same department, the College of Accounting, Business, and Administration. We were in the same class together and graduated. He did attend the university, and he was a good student.”

Addressing the skepticism surrounding Tinubu’s graduation, Ogunsanya remarked, “People were being mischievous in the first place. Because he was a governor for 8 years, somebody who worked for Mobil several years, and you contesting that he didn’t go to university. Is that possible? I cannot imagine how that is possible. Sometimes the President might be embellishing, but that does not mean that he didn’t attend the university. He has the record there for people to go and check to confirm all these things that he did.”

Ogunsanya also reflected on his own educational journey, explaining that he initially pursued engineering and nautical engineering before ultimately transferring to the College of Accounting at CSU. He highlighted the opportunities for individuals to start from scratch and build themselves up in the United States education system.

Sharing his experiences with President Tinubu, Ogunsanya mentioned their meeting at CSU and their shared involvement in the Accounting Society. He praised Tinubu’s ambition and social nature, recalling how he even became the president of the club despite the initial doubts from others due to his Nigerian accent.

In summary, Ogunsanya’s statement serves as confirmation that President Tinubu did indeed graduate from Chicago State University and demonstrates his success

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