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Goat in Kwara gives birth to half-human, half-goat offspring


Goat in Kwara gives birth to half-human, half-goat offspring

In a bewildering event, a female goat in the Adigun-Oke community of the Ifelodun local government area in Kwara state has given birth to a half-human, half-goat offspring. The shocking discovery unfolded in the backyard of the house where the goat delivered her kids.

According to Aishat Umar, the wife of the goat’s owner, the female goat actually gave birth to two kids. One was a normal, complete goat, while the other had a human-like appearance, except for the ears and hands.

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Witnesses rushed to glimpse the astonishing spectacle, with community leader Pa James Adeoye describing the scene as people were drawn to see the extraordinary discovery. One of the creatures had hair all over its body like a goat, while the second resembled a human, lacking hair but possessing teeth similar to that of a human being.

Tragically, the kid that bore a human resemblance died shortly after birth and was immediately buried by its owner, Umar. Meanwhile, the nanny goat has been diligently caring for the other kid.

Pa James Adeoye noted that the nanny goat had given birth to kids before, but this incident was truly unprecedented. He mentioned that the community had never witnessed a human mating with a goat, leading to such a bewildering outcome.

The news of the extraordinary birth has attracted attention not only from the local community, but also from neighboring areas. Curious individuals have flocked to the Adigun-Oke community, seeking confirmation of the unbelievable event.

At present, the nanny goat and the surviving kid remain alive, while the one resembling a human has tragically passed away and been laid to rest.

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