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Man missing since civil war resurfaces in Benue after five decades


Man missing since civil war resurfaces in Benue after five decades

A man named Shuaibu has reappeared after an astonishing fifty-year absence from his village in Kano State, a departure prompted by the civil war ignited by Biafran secessionists under the leadership of the late Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

Daylight Reporters has exclusively gathered that this man, hailing from Tudun Wada local government area of Kano State, was discovered by soldiers in Benue State.

They conducted an interview and shared a viral video in the hope that someone in his home state would recognize him.

During the interview with the soldiers, he revealed that he had yearned to return home but lacked the means to do so. He mentioned that he had struggled to feed himself during his self-imposed exile.

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Additionally, he expressed a profound longing for his people and disclosed that he had been unable to practice his Islamic faith in Benue.

Following the release of the video, Ahmad Tijjani Musah (Matata), the Chairman of Tudun Wada local government area, reportedly dispatched a delegation to Benue to locate and repatriate the “lost but found man.”

With jubilation from his community members, the missing man was successfully brought back home last Thursday.

He underwent a reinitiation into Islam, and the chairman pledged to provide him with Islamic teachers to instruct him in the fundamentals of the religion, as well as its customs and practices.

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