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More subtle plans for classmates, by Dr. Aminu Salihu Yakudima


More subtle plans for classmates, by Dr. Aminu Salihu Yakudima

This article was triggered by certain insinuations coupled with the need for efficacy of struggle, fervent prayers and best wishes for classmates. It is, therefore, imperative to strengthen union through unity of purpose and social cohesion for classmates to achieve their set objectives. It’s that meaningful relationship among classmates, which might have spanned for decades will stand out to be unique by all assessments, which can also stand the test of time and cannot be scuttled easily if use as an instrument for achieving success.

This type of relationship is a huge investment to those involved, which must be sustained, protected and see how best to attract not only the junior colleagues, but children and grandchildren to takeover. That was how Barewa College Alumni became prominent in Northern Nigeria and Kings College in the South remained a force to be reckoned in the scheme of things.

Again, it is on record that a set of classmates by the permission of God, spirit of unity and cohesion were able to captured power and established a good  government, which became formidable in this country. Among them was the former Military President and Commander in Chief of Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and more than half a dozen were appointed members of the defunct ruling council of that successive government. The administration had been dominated by them and became of utmost benefit to their families, schoolmates and other Nigerians. They succeeded in running a coherent and vibrant administration.

Against this backdrop, classmates should understand that recording success and achieving greater height in the affairs of this world and next are based on more subtle plans, which strictly hinges around holding each other on trust, having unity of purpose, building social cohesion and stand in genuine solidarity with others. Above all, make a total submission to Allah and put everything in prayers consistently.

Similarly, sticking to the teachings of religion, keeping cultural values and exhibition of noble character will bring about positive change so profound to mutual coexistence, having an ideal home and a civilised society. Also, there will be rapid human development, contentment and honour among members. When we use our knowledge, resources and connections to assist others, learn some lessons from holy scriptures, motivational articles and quotes such as the ones below will adequately equip us for challenges of growth and improve our mutual cooperation. Above all, we will get special benefit, consideration and support from God.

“Spent your wealth for the cause of Allah SWA, and not make your hands contribute to your destruction, and do good. Lo! Allah loves those who are beneficent.
(al-Baqarah 195).
“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice,”
-Anton Chekhov.
“Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you can.”
– An African.

There is an injunction in Islam for the Muslims to devote attention, sufficient resources and enough time for humanitarian assistance. It is also incumbent on a brother or sister in Islam to like for other people whatsoever likes for oneself;  it is presumably to avoid greedily attitude and selfishness in society. Also, to build brotherhood and sisterly care in the course of interactions among citizens.
“Allah is sufficient as a protector and Allah is sufficient as a supporter.”
(Quran 4:45)

In Christianity, charity is also encouraged, the Bible evidently stated that Givers never lack. Like in Islam, Christianity had enjoined the Christians to make provisions for empowerment and support the poor. Even though, there is no symbiosis and compulsion in the service to humanity that is explicitly informative in either Islam or Christianity, but there are guiding principles to such a relationship and duty to be adhered strictly, for those who are wise.
“Be your brother’s keeper.”
Romans 12: 10-13.

This implies the Giver is not under any obligation to inconveniently occupied self or indulge in a burden beyond affordability. Equally, the Beneficiary should not unnecessarily exert pressure or inconveniently task the Giver. In spite of this position, it is compulsory for the former to extend appreciation and offer prayers, for receiving a gesture. Both religions have confirmed this guidance and make it obligatory to true believers.

Classmates should look at themselves more closely and positively too, keep their relationship properly and complement each other in the light of the above inspirations. However, those who are privilege in the society should assist the less privilege ones without hesitation and without letting them asking for a favour. Virtues and rewards of spending for the cause of Allah are many because Allah pays back in multiple times or to increase tenfold.

For creating tremendous opportunity and cordial relationship among members and the viability of an association to be strengthened, an Alumni Forum must be encouraged to organise a reunion or a get together as a major activity within its annual or bi-annually events, which usually are listed for implementation.

More so, the organisers should ensure prompt attendance and participation of members, because there is nothing as effective as alumni network in terms of facilitating solidarity and human relationship among individuals and the organisation.

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However, these inspirations can only be possible among those who are genuine, sincere and committed to the course. Those who are always seeking for the pleasure of Allah.

Again, it’s worthnoting, for an association to stand the test of time, must be kept beyond human tendencies of jingoism, bigotry and all forms of separation. Members are advised to avoid egocentric and dogmatism while interacting with one another; be it a colleague or a subordinate, and during their activities in a larger society.

Given the current centrifugal forces threatening unity and democracy of the Nigerian State. And in view of crisis brewing in the West African sub region, we desperately need peace, unity and good security architecture, which can only be guaranteed by fervent prayers, ensuring social justice and peaceful coexistence among citizens at all levels.
God save Nigeria.

Dr Aminu Yakudima is a columnist and writes from Abuja. 

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