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My Mommy, my role model, by Muhammad Bashir


My Mommy, my role model, by Muhammad Bashir

On the 19th day of January 2022, my life came crashing upon receiving the news of my mother’s demise, i lost control suddenly and felt the most tormenting pain – a pain i would not wish on my worst enemy. My biggest fear had been the lost of a parent, eventually it is materialised.

Growing up, my mom cherished over us. She was super – possessive and her role in raising us with my father was a complimentary as it was distinct. Her main concern was our Islamic background and my father is pious and very religious, it was a perfect harmony. She had a soft extrinsic, a heart of gold, down to earth, second to none to humanity and a responding sense of humour. She had a zero tolerance for disrespect; A zero nonsense pious woman in every sense of the world. She expected Allah’s decisions at all times and when it came to time, she does not compromise.

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Mommy’s biggest enthusiasm was Islamic education. She truly invested in us, she didn’t stopped learning Islamic disciplines till her due. Her last action on the earth surface was self-imposed midnight prayers, bowing to her creator while suffering from the extreme pain of heart was her  last deed

All is said and done, Mommy has gone to meet her creator at the designate and installed time as we all shall. In the last one year, people have advised me to be strong but it certainly feels like my source of inspiration and confidence is gone.

The pain of losing a mother does not heal but having it happen on the world stage with everybody having say and offering their thoughts has been a completely different emotional roller-coaster.

Now, a must. To beloved mommy although you have bowed to time and have gone of all flesh ahead of the rest of us, please take this message; Babi, aunty inna, aunty Aisha, Sadiq, Bee, ameera and I, will do everything in our power to emulate your lifestyle and carry on your legacy for as long as we live. I love you and miss you with every atom of my being.

May Allah forgive You and grant you the extreme station in jannah.

Mommy was buried according to Islamic disciplines by dad, Sadiq and I among thousands of people.
Adieu Asa.

Muhammad Bashir is a student of Biotechnology Borno state university.

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