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Police arrest man for groping journalist’s bottom during live broadcast


Police arrest man for groping journalist’s bottom during live broadcast

Story from Christine TOBECHUKWU, Abuja

The Spanish police arrested a man on Tuesday for sexually assaulting a journalist during a live television broadcast.

Isa Balado, a young journalist, was reporting on a robbery in Madrid when the incident occurred.

As Isa continued her report, the man approached her and touched her bottom.

Despite the shocking interruption, she tried to maintain her professionalism. However, the program’s host, Nacho Abad, couldn’t ignore what had just happened.

“Isa, forgive me for interrupting you… but did he just touch your bottom?” Nacho Abad asked.

Isa confirmed the incident, and Mr. Abad decided to put the “idiot” on camera. The shot shifted to show both Isa Balado and the man, who was still standing with her, seemingly amused.

“As much as you may want to ask which channel we’re from, is it really necessary to touch my bottom? I’m doing a live show, and I’m working,” Ms. Balado told the man.

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The man, in denial, walked away and even attempted to tickle her head. Later, the police announced the arrest of a man for allegedly assaulting a reporter during a live television show, in a message posted on social media.

Mediaset España, the news channel’s owner, issued a statement expressing its support for Ms. Balado after the “absolutely intolerable situation” she endured. They “categorically repudiated any form of harassment or aggression.”

Spain’s Labour Minister, Yolanda Díaz, also condemned the incident, emphasizing that it should not go unpunished.

She wrote on social media, “It is machismo that makes journalists suffer sexual assaults like this, and the aggressors remain unrepentant in front of the camera.”

This incident occurs in the midst of a sexism controversy in Spain, ignited by former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales kissing World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the Women’s World Cup final.

His actions led to widespread criticism, his eventual resignation, and a summons to court over accusations of sexual assault and coercion.

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