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Police officer allegedly commits suicide at home


Police officer allegedly commits suicide at home

In a series of alarming incidents involving suicide amongst students, teachers, and police officers, parents are urged to lend their support to children grappling with depression. With an increasing number of individuals taking their own lives, families are left devastated, mourning the loss of their loved ones. It is crucial for parents to maintain open lines of communication with their children to address and prevent such situations, and society must actively speak out against these cases.

Disturbing details have emerged regarding yet another tragic incident. Reports indicate that a police officer was found dead inside his residence.

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The officer had been serving the community at the Kerugoya police station. Prior to his untimely death by hanging, he had recently relocated and rented a house a few kilometers away from the station, unbeknownst to his colleagues.

The local assistant chief, Julius Ngari, shared insights on the situation, stating, “His colleagues had been searching for him for the past two months, unaware that he had rented a residence just two kilometers away from the police station.”

The caretaker of the property, identified as Ann, discovered the officer’s lifeless body hanging from the roof after peering through a window.

This devastating incident follows a series of similar cases involving police officers taking their own lives in the country.

May the departed officer’s soul rest in eternal peace as the community mourns his loss.

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