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Al robot becomes school principal in UK


Al robot becomes school principal in UK

In the United Kingdom, a school has made headlines for appointing an AI robot as its principal.

Cottesmore School in West Sussex has enlisted the help of Abigail Bailey, an AI-developed chatbot, to assist the headmaster in managing the school.

Abigail Bailey is a sophisticated language model, or conversational AI, that has been extensively trained on vast amounts of text data.

Capable of generating text, translating languages, and producing various forms of creative content, she can also provide informative answers to questions.

The headmaster of Cottesmore School, Tom Rogerson, believes that Abigail Bailey will be instrumental in a range of tasks, including supporting staff members, assisting students with ADHD, formulating school policies, analysing data, and making decisions.

Rogerson told the Telegraph that Abigail Bailey has been specifically designed with an extensive knowledge of machine learning and educational management, as well as the ability to process sizable quantities of data.

He explains, “Sometimes having someone or something there to help you is a very calming influence. It’s reassuring to have someone incredibly well-trained to assist with decision-making.”

However, it’s important to note that Abigail Bailey, being a non-human entity, will not be overseeing assemblies, administering detentions, or assigning homework.

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