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Doctors suggest amputation of Mr Ibu’s toes


Doctors suggest amputation of Mr Ibu’s toes

Chochoo, a close friend and former manager of veteran actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has quashed rumors circulating on social media about the actor’s demise.

In an exclusive conversation with Daily Trust, Chochoo clarified that Mr Ibu, who is currently unwell, is very much alive and is scheduled for surgery either on Saturday or Sunday.

Denying the repeated online reports of Mr Ibu’s death over the past two months, Chochoo stated, “He has been dying online for about two months now. I don’t know where they are getting the news from because online he is already dead, but offline he is still alive. He is having another operation either today or tomorrow morning. I was his former manager, but we are still very close. Online he is dead already, but he is very much alive in reality.”

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Furthermore, addressing the speculation of amputation due to diabetes, Chochoo clarified that only two affected toes may be removed, as they have been impacted by the illness and have started to decay.

“He has had some complications based on his health but this time he is battling with diabetes. Contrary to reports online that they want to cut off his leg, the doctors advised him to cut off two toes because they have been affected by the illness and were getting rotten,” he explained.

It is essential to set the record straight and provide accurate information to avoid unnecessary panic and confusion. We wish Mr Ibu a successful surgery and a speedy recovery from his health challenges.

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