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How Nigerian woman accused husband of raping her for 12 years after moving abroad


How Nigerian woman accused husband of raping her for 12 years after moving abroad

A Nigerian lawyer, Dele Olawanle, has shared the story of how the UK police arrested a Nigerian woman for falsely accusing her husband of raping and abusing her for over 12 years.

In a post shared on his X handle (formerly Twitter), Olawanle, a UK-based lawyer, said the married woman framed her husband after he brought her and their kids to the UK.

In her bid to secure the right to live freely without her husband’s permission, she framed him with the rape allegation.

Olawanle said police investigation later revealed that the lady had been receiving text messages from people on how to frame her husband to secure her freedom.

He said, “Before you relocate, read this, before you decide to relocate to the UK, do not only think of the money you will make or the qualifications you will get.

“Think also of whether your marriage will survive and whether your children will not be taken away by the social services or whether the children will not be turned against you.

“I am dealing with a lot of sad cases at the moment and let me tell you one.

“A man brought his wife and three children to the UK as dependents. The wife got here and became very uncooperative. She became very unruly, hid her money, and called the police on her husband.

“The husband was shocked when he got to the police station and the police told him that his wife said he has been raping and abusing her for 12 years.

“The husband who is a professional cried throughout the time he was in the police custody to the extent that a senior police officer became interested in the case.

“He decided to take over and investigate the case. He took the wife’s mobile phone and discovered that people had been texting the wife about what to say to the police to get the right to live in the UK with her children without her husband and put the man in trouble.

“Long story short, she has just been arrested and is in police custody. Aye le o!

“So, don’t just Japa because others are travelling out. Think of the state of your own family. Think of the wife or husband you are married to. Think of what they are capable of if they get into the Western World. This applies to men and women.

“A lot of you that are losing your family are copycats. You did not think of the situation before you jumped into it. Are you sure you are ready for it?” he said.

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