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Katsina Governor calls for citizens’ right to gun ownership amidst insecurity


Katsina Governor calls for citizens’ right to gun ownership amidst insecurity

Katsina State Governor, Dikko Umaru Radda, has made a bold statement suggesting that citizens should be allowed to own weapons such as AK-47 and RPG to protect themselves, much like the bandits who freely acquire such arms in the market.

The governor stressed that the blame for the security challenges faced by states should not be solely placed on governors, as they lack the authority to command military forces and security agencies.

Governor Radda called for the federal government to play a more prominent role in ensuring the security of lives and property across the country. “He highlighted that his administration had established a legally sanctioned ‘community watch corps’ in collaboration with the military to combat banditry”.

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The governor pledged to leave no stone unturned in the fight against hardened criminals, vowing to investigate traditional rulers suspected of having connections with bandits.

While acknowledging the limitations faced by governors in commanding security forces, Governor Radda emphasized the importance of intelligence gathering and the need for reforms to enable citizens to legally possess weapons for self-defense.

He argued that “if bandits can easily access AK-47 and RPG weapons in the market, ordinary citizens should also have the right to possess such arms to confront the challenges they face”.

However, he clarified that this does not imply advocating for negotiations with bandits, as criminal elements must be dealt with decisively.

The governor’s statement highlights the ongoing need for collaboration between state and federal authorities to address security concerns while considering citizens’ rights to protect themselves.

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