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Landowners found developing revoked lands will be prosecuted – Wike


Landowners found developing revoked lands will be prosecuted – Wike

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has warned owners of revoked lands in Abuja to refrain from developing such lands or face prosecution.

The FCTA said its officials were on the watch to ensure such landowners do not begin secret developments following the revocation based on the approval of the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike.

According to the Director of the FCT Department of Development Control, Muktar Galadima, it has been discovered that some owners are trying to fraudulently develop their lands despite the revocation order but such people risk getting prosecuted.

Galadima issued the warning after officials of the department stopped some owners from developing on their land in spite of the revocation order. The officials, who were accompanied by some security agents, confiscated building equipment found on the sites and chased away some workers while others were arrested.

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He told newsmen during the enforcement operation that owners who continue work on their revoked lands would face prosecution and risk demolition of such structures.

“So, we are on this operation to ensure that all the revoked plots, nobody goes back and works on them, and also to use this opportunity to call on the public that any revoked properties that somebody is trying to work on, definitely the administration will not only remove such structures but will also ensure prosecution of the person involved.”

“The revocation just commenced last week and then we just got information that some people wanted to go back to sites, and we have already intimated our officials to be on the watchout, to make sure that nobody goes back to work because any officials found wanting will be severely dealt with in accordance with the laid down civil service rules and regulations”, Galadima said.

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