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Nigeria Arise, by Kucheli Paul Gwari


Nigeria Arise, by Kucheli Paul Gwari


Arise o Nigerians today,

A wake up call you must obey.

Your birthright bekons

Your father’s land calls

Your service it demands

Your lack of patriotism it reprimands


Arise Nigerians, Arise today,

Awake from the sorrowful night into the joyful morning

Of a new day

It’s time to brave the tides of history

Like the past heroes of our ancestry

As we celebrate yet another anniversary

Now with a different rhyme

Let’s rewrite our story


Arise o Nigeria, Arise today,

Arise in all your glory, you’re here to stay

No matter the dark clouds

Like the sun you can still illuminate

No matter how you’re buried

Like the seed you can still germinate

Arise Nigeria to your lost glory

It’s never too late

The giant of Africa, greatness is your fate


Arise Nigeria, Arise today

Arise like the eagle let your strength display

Citizens stop the hate, embrace peace and unity

Together let’s dispel corruption from our country

Uphold this nation we inherit as a duty

Because the life of this nation

Determines our destiny


Arise Nigeria, Arise Nigerians, Arise come what may

Nigerian patriots, this call you must obey

Nigeria a home to a people with different cultures, traditions and ethnicity

A country flowing with milk and honey

A gold mine, who is poverty

A forte, who is injustice and insecurity


Nigeria, Nigerians, Arise, Arise, Arise

The change we’re looking for in each of us it lies

As we celebrate,

The glory of Nigeria so great

Let’s not forget to quench the fire of hate

So love, peace and unity can dominate


Nigeria, Nigerians, Happy Independence

Nigeria I hail your eminence

Nigeria, Nigerians, in unity, we arise,

Together, as one, we reach for the skies.


Kucheli Paul Gwari is a Biochemistry student at the University of Jos. She hopes to read Medicine at Alabuga Polytech, Russia.

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  1. Nathaniel Gideon Bassi says

    Kucheli has always been a great writer, her enthusiasm for the art is unmatched, great piece here…

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