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Former soldier kills his bride, other family members on wedding day


Former  soldier  kills  his  bride,  other family  members  on  wedding  day

A  groom,  identified  as  Chaturong Suksuk,  reportedly  gunned  down  his bride  and  three  others  on  their wedding day.  Suksuk, a  Thai  differently-abled  athlete  and  former soldier,  committed  the  heinous  act during  the  wedding  ceremony  with Kanchana  Pachunthuek  in  northeast Thailand.

Reports indicated that the 29-year-old groom fatally shot his 44-year-old bride, her 62-year-old mother, and 38-year-old sister before taking his own life. Allegedly intoxicated at the time, Suksuk abruptly left the wedding party and returned with a firearm.

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It was revealed that stray bullets also hit two guests at the party, resulting in one fatality and hospitalization of the other. Witnesses at the party shared that the couple had argued before the tragic incident.

While some guests speculated that Suksuk’s insecurity about the age gap between them might have played a role, the police described it as mere speculation.

The police further disclosed that the couple had been working on resolving the age difference issue.

Additionally, Suksuk had lost his right leg during his service with the paramilitary light infantry squad that guards Thailand’s borders.

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