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Gabon coup leaders announce election by August 2025


Gabon coup leaders announce election by August 2025


The military leadership in Gabon has announced plans to hold a general election in August 2025, amid international pressure to establish a timeline for the return to civilian governance.

The current head of state, Gen Brice Oligui Nguema, took power in August following the ousting of his cousin, Ali Bongo, with a commitment to address what was described as a “severe institutional” crisis in the country. The Bongo family had governed the central African nation for 55 years.

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Although members of the interim government will not be eligible to run in the upcoming elections, the transitional charter does not explicitly forbid Gen Oligui Nguema from participating. It remains uncertain whether he intends to do so.

The military junta in Gabon has stated that the proposed election timetable is subject to public approval during town hall-style meetings in April.

Additionally, a new constitution is slated to be introduced in October of the following year and adopted through a referendum by the end of that year.

Efforts by the transitional government to restore confidence in the administration include the arrest of individuals accused of embezzlement of state funds, forgery, and other crimes.

Notably, First Lady Sylvia Bongo and her son Noureddin Bongo Valentin have faced corruption charges. Despite these actions, analysts have highlighted that the extended Bongo family and their allies still maintain positions of influence within the system.

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