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Iran’s military unveils advanced drone for electronic warfare missions


Iran’s military unveils advanced drone for electronic warfare missions

The Iranian Army has introduced its latest operational drone, Kaman-19, which is specifically designed for electronic warfare operations.

This drone can disrupt enemy radar and electronic systems, making it a valuable asset for various military units.

Unlike other drones in the army, Kaman-19 is equipped with advanced devices that enable it to perform assigned missions effectively despite its relatively small size and weight.

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The Kaman-19 entered the operational cycle of the army during a recent drone exercise and successfully disrupted aerial systems during an electronic warfare operation.

It is also capable of ground-based disruptions in the communication of enemy drones with their terrestrial control stations and causing electronic disruptions on attacking drones to take their control.

This advanced drone joins the Kaman family, which includes the Kaman-12 and Kaman-22. The Kaman-12 is the first combat drone of the Iranian Army, while the Kaman-22 is a reconnaissance drone. Both drones have been previously unveiled.

Overall, the Kaman-19’s capabilities make it a significant addition to Iran’s military arsenal, as it can disrupt enemy electronic systems and provide valuable intelligence to military units on the ground.

MNA/Iran Press

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