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“Let us build, not destroy”, BUA advises Dangote


“Let us build, not destroy”, BUA advises Dangote

In a striking and comprehensive response to the claims and alleged blackmail attempts by Aliko Dangote in a recent 7-page editorial, BUA has shed light on a history marked by resilience and adversity.

The response details a narrative not of rivalry, but of endurance and survival in the face of alleged traps and challenges orchestrated by the Dangote Group.

The story, as narrated by BUA, traces back to August 1991 when the company was engaged in commodities trading amidst a scarcity of sugar in Nigeria.

At that time, Aliko Dangote approached BUA to purchase sugar. However, a cheque issued by Dangote, drawn from Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria, bounced, leading to a court-sanctioned freeze of BUA’s assets.

This event marked the beginning of a series of alleged attempts by Dangote to thwart BUA’s progress. Subsequent actions, as recounted by BUA, involved a move to establish a sugar refinery on land leased from Usman Dantata, Aliko Dangote’s uncle.

This initiative faced obstruction when Dangote allegedly influenced the revocation of the land lease by then President Obasanjo, compelling BUA to seek an alternate location.

Despite facing various challenges, BUA’s survival was assured by the benevolence of the Chairman’s late father, who provided the land on which BUA’s Lagos Sugar Refinery stands today, without seeking compensation.

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The narrative further outlines BUA’s endeavor to contribute to Nigeria’s cement industry under President Yar’Adua’s mandate, facing resistance in establishing their cement factory.

According to BUA, these adversities continued during the establishment of the Edo Cement Plant and the Port Harcourt sugar refinery, both allegedly encountering obstacles influenced by actions from the Dangote Group. However, BUA claims they persevered and survived these challenges.

The response reiterates BUA’s commitment to fostering inclusiveness, integrity, and innovation while maintaining their dedication to serving Nigeria and contributing to the nation’s growth.

The document concludes with a call for cooperation and a focus on nation-building rather than engaging in belittlement or malice.

See the screenshots of the document below:

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