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NCS warns Nigerians against fraudsters impersonating officials


NCS warns Nigerians against fraudsters impersonating officials

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is issuing a vital alert regarding the surge in fraudulent activities orchestrated by impostors posing as NCS officials on social media platforms, deceiving unsuspecting individuals with false claims of association with the NCS for purposes of auctions and recruitment.

According to a statement signed by Abdullahi Maiwada Chief Superintendent of Customs
National Public Relations Officer
for Comptroller General of Customs, the recent incidents have revealed a disturbing increase in scams perpetrated by deceitful individuals impersonating high-ranking NCS officials.

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These dishonest tactics exploit the trust of the public by promoting fictitious auctions and fraudulent recruitment drives falsely attributed to the NCS.

NCS warns Nigerians against fraudsters impersonating officials

“It is important to note that all seized or overtime goods are subject to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for disposal in accordance with the Nigeria Customs Service Act, 2023. While these items may be in NCS custody, authorized officials are entrusted with conducting auctions and recruitment in compliance with the necessary legal backing and established procedures”.

“The NCS unequivocally asserts that auctions of seized goods are never carried out via social media platforms. Any such claims on social media should be treated as fraudulent and promptly reported”.

“To obtain accurate and updated information about the Nigeria Customs Service and its operations, the public is strongly encouraged to verify information exclusively through the official NCS website, www.customs.gov.ng. In addition, individuals can utilize the help desk line at +2347037891156, and rely on the official social media handles listed by the NCS for authentic and reliable information”.

The NCS is dedicated to providing accurate and authenticated updates on its service and activities through these channels.

Individuals are advised to visit any Customs formation nationwide and meet with the Public Relations Officers (PROs) to verify any financial commitments related to seized goods or recruitment before proceeding.

The NCS remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the public from fraudulent activities. Everyone is urged to exercise vigilance and caution when approached with offers or announcements regarding Customs auctions or recruitment.

Any suspicious activities should be reported to the nearest Customs office or through the official communication channels for immediate assistance.

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