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NLC President lands in hospital after police brutality


NLC President lands in hospital after police brutality

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) claims that its President, Joe Ajaero, was subjected to police brutality following his arrest in Imo State.

NLC’s Head of Media and Publicity, Benson Upah, stated that Mr. Ajaero has been released and is receiving medical attention. According to the statement, “he was taken to the Police Hospital in Owerri before being transferred to the Federal Medical Centre for treatment”.

While the police argued that they took Mr. Ajaero into custody for his safety, the NLC insists that he was brutally treated after the arrest.

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“Ajaero, who said little, stated that immediately after his arrest, he was beaten up and blindfolded and taken to an unknown destination where more brutalization took place, sometimes with bottles,” said Mr. Ujah. Ajaero’s personal belongings, including his phones and money, were confiscated and not returned to him.

He was apprehended at the NLC secretariat in Owerri, where he was participating in a statewide protest and strike organised by the NLC.

The Imo State Police Command issued a statement explaining that “Mr. Ajaero was taken into protective custody due to an incident during the protest planning. The police maintained that their actions were intended to protect him from harm”.

The police spokesperson also mentioned a National Industrial Court injunction dated October 27, 2023, which prohibited the NLC from holding the planned rally. This legal aspect is at odds with the NLC’s perspective on the situation.

In contrast, the Imo State Government denied any involvement in Mr. Ajaero’s arrest, attributing it to the clash between lawful workers in Imo State and alleged intruders from Abuja, prompting police intervention.

The incident has raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Mr. Ajaero’s arrest and the subsequent treatment he received.

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